Toronto Flood

 Toronto Flood


The foot of the Don natural depression road became flooded, departure residents stranded in their cars. A GO Transit commuter became stuck on the tracks with many folks cornered. They were saved hours later by police on boats. About 500,000 households were left while not power — some for days — and concerning three,000 homes were flooded.On Aug. 19, 2005, a series of severe thunderstorms approached the town from the south, touching Kitchener to Ottawa and also the northern a part of Toronto. A rare tornado warning was even issued for the town.At the peak of the storm there have been an unbelievable one,400 lightning strikes a moment. Flash flooding occurred in Toronto, and one road was even washed out entirely with a sink hole.Rainfall of 103 metric linear unit in AN hour occurred in North royal house and encompassing areas. At AN atmosphere North American nation udometer, a hundred and forty metric linear unit rain was recorded (though it's not the official location rain gauge). To compare, cyclone Hazel born fifty three metric linear unit in AN hour in 1954.

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  1. Flood is the common disaster.sometimes it fall on large impact in the country.But country wise we suffer many Disaster.


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