Bangladesh Cyclone
On August twenty nine, 1991, a devastating cyclone hit the South country of Asian nation, killing over one hundred thirty five,000 folks and inflicting over $1.5 billion in injury. though there had been ample warning of the approaching storm and shelter provisions had been in-built the aftermath of a deadly 1970 storm, this disaster was one in every of the worst of the twentieth century.Cyclone is that the name given to hurricane-type storms that arise within the Indian Ocean, whereas typhoons area unit people who begin within the Pacific Ocean and hurricanes area unit those found within the Atlantic. Cyclone 2B, as August 1991 storm was known , had been caterpillar-tracked for per week because it created its approach north through the Bay of geographical area. It slammed into the southeastern coast of Asian nation within the urban center region on August twenty nine.Cyclone

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